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Target Consulting Services has been established since 2003 to assist foreign principals in presenting their products and services to the public and private sectors in Pakistan as well as assisting Pakistan based organizations with sourcing services from abroad. With recent world events changing the nature of business in Pakistan, many foreign companies are eager to participate in the developing market in this region.

What we do

The management team of Target Consulting Services has over 45 years of experience in commercial aviation fields. This experience, combined with our extensive knowledge of the market and customers in Pakistan, gives Target Consulting a solid lead when introducing new products on behalf of suppliers or sourcing new services on behalf of customers. Target Consulting Services can offer both suppliers and customers knowledgeable and professional service with attention to detail. We also retain a number of consultants on staff with solid backgrounds in security, communications, commercial aviation and general business. Target Consulting Services stands ready to offer these assets, and others, for your consideration.

The Security forces totally rely on the excellent service and advice of our staff on site. Our meticulous documentation, effective training and proven services satisfy the most discerning customers nationwide. Modular solutions help streamline logistics, drive down lifecycle costs, and speed up service delivery. All this we do to ensure our products deliver on our performance promise. We aim to provide to security forces the powerful tools they need to respond to complex and fast-moving situations.

  • Commercial Aviation Support Division
  • Special Projects Division

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Our Services

At Target Consulting Services we are committed to provide the following services to our clients, working with various OEM's

Consultation Services to OEM's

In the field of Security Equipments , we provide consultation services to OEM's to be able to effectively present their products to the End User. We work for different OEM's as their consultants in securing businesses for their various products as per the requirements

After Sale Services

We provide after sale services and consultation on how best to manage and keep the eqipment in operational service during its warranty periods and beyond

Logistics Services

We provide logistics services to different organizations of the government for transportation and movement of their equipment


Of the many principals that we work with, we have been working with the following:

EMT Germany

NightLine USA

Kroll Cranes Denmark

Barrett Company

In the past we have also worked with Flight Refuelling Limited , Plextek , Marshalls of UK and so many others. With some of them we have completed projects of great value.

Our Process

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Meet The Team

Salim Khan


Air Cdre Jauhar Ali(Retired)

Colonel Pasha (Retired)

Group Captain Munzr Ata

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